My love/hate relationship with bench

Bench..Some days I hate it. Some days I love it. Last night was one of the days where I hated it and left the gym mad as hell at myself. I hesitated on my AMRAP bench and got out of groove and made the reps harder than they should have been. 160×7 is still a PR since I dont think I ever attempted 160 for more than 2 reps.
I also have to remember how far I have come since I started powerlifting. Two years ago I struggled to bench the bar for more than 5 reps, now 135lbs is just a warm up. I just have to keep reminding myself that everyone has bad days and that it’ll get better. Just keep repeating “Embrace the suck. Embrace the suck”
Pre bench Warm ups- Band pull aparts/ Bracing Protocol/ Very light lat pull downs for 2×12
Bench- 45x2x25/ 65×5/ 95×5/ 115×3/ 135×2/ 150×1/ 160x4x2/ 160×7 Amrap/ 110x2x15 Closed Grip 2 Board
Accessory work- 15 min stair stepper Level 7/ Side Raises( single and dual arm)/ Rear Raises/ Face pulls with weighted rope/ Rear delt machine/ DB bicep curls/ Rope ab crunches/ Hanging leg raises

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