And on Monday’s we squat!


Warm up sets-  55×10/ 145×5/ 195×5/ 235×2/ 260×1

Top sets- 280x4x2/ 280×6 amrap

SSB- 65×10/155×3/205x3x3

Squats have always been my weakest lift. My mentality has a lot to do with how well I perform that day, and for the longest time I had a weak mentality. I would doubt myself and my squats way before I even walked into the gym. I failed more attempts than I care to admit and didn’t think it would ever get any better. Taking a lot of time off to basically rebuild my squat(which is a never ending battle) has helped a great deal.

 I was talking to Swede last night about how 5th set has a lot to do with mental strength.  One minute you’re struggling on warm ups thinking you wont be able to get more than 2 reps on your amrap, and the next minute you’re busting out reps like its nothing and realize you just hit 10 reps. It’s crazy because 99% of the time, my last set looks better than my first. 5th set teaches you to keep going regardless of how heavy the weights feel. It has definitely given me the confidence I needed. Trust the process and everything else will fall into place.


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