And on Monday’s we squat!

  Warm up sets-  55x10/ 145x5/ 195x5/ 235x2/ 260x1 Top sets- 280x4x2/ 280x6 amrap SSB- 65x10/155x3/205x3x3 Squats have always been my weakest lift. My mentality has a lot to do with how well I perform that day, and for the longest time I had a weak mentality. I would doubt myself and my squats way… Continue reading And on Monday’s we squat!

My love/hate relationship with bench

Bench..Some days I hate it. Some days I love it. Last night was one of the days where I hated it and left the gym mad as hell at myself. I hesitated on my AMRAP bench and got out of groove and made the reps harder than they should have been. 160x7 is still a… Continue reading My love/hate relationship with bench

Totaled 1003 at 176 BW

This will be my first blog and a very short one at that. I promise I will update the next blog soon with new training. In the meantime, enjoy a video of me giving this meet all I had. My last competition before I decided to take some time off was the APF Summer Bash… Continue reading Totaled 1003 at 176 BW